Sarah Ingle quiere ser una princesa de Disney
Sarah Ingle quiere ser una princesa de Disney
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22 Abr 2019 09:19 AM

Joven gasta una millonaria suma para verse como una princesa Disney

Sarah Ingle invirtió todos sus recursos para poder cumplir su fantasía.

Sarah Ingle, es una joven estadounidense de 25 años que ha logrado el éxito al manejar el marketing de una empresa, gracias a sus buenos resultados ella ha podido obtener un buen sueldo. Pero lo que más llama la atención es lo que esta mujer hace con el dinero el que gana.

La joven no ha ocultado su gran amor por las princesas de Disney, de hecho ella ha gastado todos sus recursos económicos para poder verse como una auténtica princesa y así poder ser el centro de atención en las redes sociales. 

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Sarah ha comprado una gran variedad de disfraces, pelucas, maquillaje especial, lentes de contacto y demás cosas para poder copiar la apariencia de las princesas más famosas de Disney.

La joven ha dicho en sus redes sociales que su mayor sueño es poder convertirse en una princesa de DisneyWorld, el parque de diversiones más popular del mundo. Pese a que tiene un futuro prometedor en el mundo del marketing, ella está decidida a logar su sueño y por eso no ha tenido el menor problema en invertir más de 14 mil dólares en su meta.

Sarah Ingle comparte en Instagram varias fotografías en donde muestra sus transformaciones en las diferentes princesas de Disney, la mayoría de sus publicaciones logra una gran cantidad de comentarios y de 'Me gusta

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Te compartimos algunas de las imágenes que Sarah publica en su Instagram.



❄️ Okay but how is Frozen 5 already?! I remember being 5. Throwback to my Elsa car selfie that somehow became global clickbait. ?

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 28 de Nov de 2018 a las 9:51 PST


Warm up your voices and get ready to sing, friends! ? The final section of my “How to Sing Like a Disney Princess” YouTube series is live! ✨? ??See link in bio?? Part 3 is all about bringing the character to life. It wound up having SO much content that I split it into 12 videos. ? This way you can quickly skip to the sections that are most relevant to you. The introduction is up now! ☺️ In a few hours I’ll release the first of the tips, and every day I’ll release one more video until they’re all up. Check my story to see when the first tip launches this afternoon. ??‍♀️ I hope you guys enjoy these and find them useful. Sooooo many hours of cutting these went into making this last section of the series for you because I want them to be as helpful as possible. ?? Let me know what you think! ??

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 3 de Nov de 2017 a las 10:34 PDT


I planned this photo to share that I’m editing Part 3 of the “How to Sing Like a Disney Princess” YouTube series. But timing is... ironic. ? Getting this embarrassing story off my chest hoping it helps someone else. I auditioned for my favorite musical. Bet you can guess what one from the photo. I was ecstatic. Loved my audition song and monologue — could do them in my sleep. Well... sometimes life throws you a monkey-wrench. My doctor prescribed me to a new medication. Little did I know, a side effect can be sudden, severe dry mouth especially when combined with increased heart rate from nerves. Like regular audition nerves. What happened when I walked in the audition room was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My mouth & throat went completely dry. Zero saliva. Like my mouth was coated in peanut butter. My tongue stuck to my mouth and I felt absurd moving my entire face to talk. Singing was worse than the talking. The sound startled me. I didn’t recognize my own voice. Utterly bizarre. I did what I could & left the room baffled. One minute it was funny and the next, mortifying. I was annoyed at myself for letting something so dumb happen. Screwing up my best song. The Little Mermaid is a big part of the reason I went viral. The TV shows, tabloids, gossip sites... that’s how people know me, how I know me. I cast people for this role, train them on singing these songs and playing this part. Yet I gave the worst, weirdest performance of my life. Why do I tell you this? Because life happens. Nobody’s perfect; we learn more from our failures than our successes. Young girls send me messages saying they want to perform or work as a princess when they’re older, but they think they’re not good enough. You are enough. Yes, you have to work at it, but it’s not about perfection; it’s about always growing so you’re prepared when opportunities arise. When one doesn’t work out, another comes up. I’m still doing my usual Little Mermaid performances this weekend despite my whacky audition. Miraculously, I got a general callback, so fingers crossed I can read for something. If not, we take Dory’s advice and just keep swimming. ❤️?

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 18 de Oct de 2017 a las 9:09 PDT


Had the best day ever with the wind in my hair. ??✨ #DreamBigPrincess

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 21 de Ago de 2017 a las 12:46 PDT


How many more days until Beauty and the Beast comes out? ? ?

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 13 de Ene de 2017 a las 7:41 PST


On our way to Florida! ☀️ Cinderella, I can't wait to see your castle again on Wednesday. ✨?

Una publicación compartida por Sarah Ingle (@sarah_e_ingle) el 18 de Dic de 2016 a las 8:31 PST